Epic Dinner Vegas 2012 - Duane forresterAbout EpicDinner

If you are involved in the online search industry community, you may have heard about or seen tweets mentioning #EpicDinner at some point. Then again, you probably haven’t unless you follow me or one of the few hundred people who have, at least once, attended one of my #EpicDinner happenings.

If you have, or not, and want to know a bit more about what the deal is with these little get-togethers that have now evolved to an epic scale, hopefully this page will provide a bit of insight.

I wasn’t going to create this page, however people keep asking, so now I’ll have a place to point them to…

No, the picture here is not of me. That’s a photo of Duane Forrester, Manager of the Bing Webmaster Tools service at Microsoft.  Note how he’s holding a mug – one of the mugs I gave away to the 140 people who attended #EpicDinner Vegas 2.0 in 2012…


#EpicDinner General Info

What Is It?

#EpicDinner is my way of bringing together industry friends, and anyone who wants to join us, for an evening of great food, great conversation and lots of laughs. They happen during search industry conferences whenever I am attending a conference or if I feel like putting one on even if I’m not actually attending that particular conference itself.

How It Works – What It Costs

I pick a restaurant, and tweet the heck out of it til a bunch of people sign up to attend. There’s no cost outside the price of your own meal, however at one point I started accepting sponsorships – business owners contribute toward the cost of the meal (thus defraying the cost of every individual’s meal), in exchange for a simple mention during the dinner – mostly low key stuff, no hard selling.

Oh – and when I’m moved to do so, there are now sometimes prizes or swag given out. Just to add a little fun. Nothing extravagant…

Fun Yet Serious

It’s vital to me that every #EpicDinner be a fun experience for all who attend. Yet this year it’s grown so much that due to the # of anticipated attendees, I’m now being required to sign contracts with the restaurants I choose for each one. that’s right – when you expect between 30 and 120 people for dinner, (we had 112 at #EpicDinnerVegas!) you need to make a financial commitment to the restaurant. In case a lot of people don’t show up.

That’s how much the #EpicDinner experience has grown. We’re a hi-falutin event now. 🙂 #WIN

Want To Attend #EpicDinner?

If you think you might want to attend an #EpicDinner, simply contact me on Twitter – if there’s room left for you, I’ll add you to the list. It’s that simple.


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