Great Food. Great Conversation.

As this thing has evolved over the past few years, I kept it too informal for me to even consider having an official logo.  Yet this year, as the new site was launched, and as more and more people are coming to recognize this as something that has grown to be much bigger than me or my own vision for it, the time felt right for a logo to be integrated into the overall #EpicDinner brand.

Bringing Vision To Reality

When I started mentioning this and poking around my network of connections, Authority Labs offered to run a design contest, and shortly after that, Simon over at  The Logo Company offered to sponsor its creation as well.  I ended up going with the contest approach – and so it went.  We had several great entrants participate, and the decision was difficult because there were enough “wow” designs in the mix.  Yet it all boiled down to which design best reflected the core value and reasons behind the whole dinner concept.

So thanks to the great generosity of the Authority Labs team for sponsoring the contest and awarding prizes, Alexis Peschke for designing the #EpicDinner logo and coming up with the “Great Food. Great Conversation” tag line.  The combination truly embodies what this is all about. And I am ecstatic she nailed it so perfectly!

A note about the colors in the logo…

That logo, now the official logo for the #EpicDinner brand, was originally designed by Alexis with the then existing color scheme of the site.

However I really felt the colors another entrant had used were so unique and strong, in spite of them not being anything close to my existing site colors, that I went with combining those into Alexis’ design (thanks Alexis for being flexible and accommodating!).  So thanks to Jeff Pan for coming up with the winning logo color scheme!

 A note to Emily Post OCD types

Yes, I am aware the position of the knife and spoon are “incorrect” (if you follow such things and are fixated on the “have to” of such things). However before I made my final decision to choose this logo I actually experimented with moving the knife to the right and re-aligning things according to “the rules”.  And I was not happy with it.  it was “too right-side heavy”.  Besides.  She’s dead. I’m not. So it stays as is.  Because I’m not like most people and I believe “just because it’s the “expected” does not mean it’s “right”.  #JustSayin

As Michael Dorausch, a veteran EpicDinner attendee put it:

“I love that the knife is 1st! We can cut through the BS, fork around with friends, and get a spoonful of good conversation.”

#EpicDinner and location based variations © Alan Bleiweiss
#EpicDinner Logo design by Alexis Peschke