The First Ever Truly Epic Dinner

Photo of the first ever #EpicDinner !


The History of EpicDinner

In The Beginning – March 3,  2010

In the beginning, there was a simple Twitter exchange between Mat Siltala and I – with the initial plan to meet for dinner during SMX West 2010. Almost right away, Dana Lookadoo wanted in. And before you could say WTF (in sixty two languages – because let’s be honest – WTF is like a nano-second’s worth of speech right?) the list of people attending had grown to a dozen people. And on the actual night of that first ever #EpicDinner, we ended up being nineteen strong.

So that’s how March 3rd, 2010 became the first ever genuine #EpicDinner and it was during the coordination of that first one where the #EpicDinner hashtag was born.

The Evolution

Since that first little gathering ( where everyone had a great time and great food thank you very much), I’ve since coordinated several others. Where it was just an off-the-cuff thing the first time, they’re now something I take quite seriously. Being able to bring people together who might not have otherwise met even during an industry conference, is pretty rewarding to me emotionally. And being able to spend quality time with trusted industry friends is priceless.

Read up on past #EpicDinners to get a little insight into how epic they can really be!

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