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Pubcon Vegas 2015

Vegas 15 was dedicated to Dana Lookadoo – a dear personal friend and professional colleague, and was an emotional roller coaster all around.  We had an amazingly good time as always.  This one was at Trevi At Caesar’s.  Fabulous Italian food. And as usual, we filled the space!

Pubcon Vegas 2014

Another successful and unique dinner experience!  This time we were treated to an amazing dinner at Carmine’s at Caesar’s Palace.  A “Family style” restaurant, Carmine’s was all about massive volumes of food brought out “buffet” style but to each table – so you didn’t even have to leave your table to get access to the entire variety of appetizers, entree’s or desserts!

Pubcon Vegas 2013

A spectacular dinner, held on the Observation level of the Stratosphere overlooking the Vegas strip!  160 attendees enjoyed this one-of-a-kind experience, and several even took advantage of the free unlimited ride access to the heart-stopping thrill rides! Oh – and SEJ even gave out a couple iPads!

Pubcon NOLA 2013

Thanks to Brett Tabke, the Pubcon team, and the generosity of Harrah’s Hotel/Casino & our great sponsors, EpicDinner NOLA was simply outstanding!  100 dinner attendees, 200 EpicAfterParty attendees, panda bears and @bing Webmaster mugs all around…   And the food at Mannings NOLA was top shelf!

Pubcon Vegas 2012

Another record smashed! This time, we had 140+ attendees (I was too busy being host to get an accurate count), and went back to Pampas Brazilian Grille at Planet Hollywood given how everyone had enjoyed our first #EpicDinnerVegas last year. And we had a record response from sponsors, including our Platinum Sponsor this time, Isoosi. Thanks to all our sponsors, 100% of the $12,000 cost was covered, which is just amazing!

SMX Social Media Scottsdale 2011

I wasn’t able to attend SMX Social Media in December, so Arnie K. and Vertical Measures picked up the #EpicDinner concept and ran with it, making it the first officially sanctioned #EpicDinner run under licensing rights!

Pubcon Vegas 2011

#EpicDinnerVegas was by far, the biggest, most amazing #EpicDinner of all so far! We had 112 attendees, and a plethora of industry companies sponsoring the nights festivities. There was a lot of great swag given out as well – including books from Alan Knecht and Arnie Kuenn, and even a commemorative #EpicDinner mug – a first of its kind! Thanks go out to all our sponsors, especially 22 Media, and MyNext Customer!

SMX Advanced 2011

Wow. Best. #EpicDinner. Ever. Yeah okay they’re all great. But seriously – at SMX Advanced in June, we had the biggest turn-out yet – 44 people. So we essentially took over the entire main dining room.

And dinner? Yeah – it was spectacular! The venue was the Waterfront Seafood Grill, just a stone’s throw from the conference, overlooking Puget Sound. We were treated like royalty by the entire staff, and the food was absolutely fabulous.

Thanks go out to Shannon Poole for helping me coordinate the evening’s activities, which included giving out several great and custom #EpicDinner t-Shirts that came courtesy of Thomas Ballantyne. I’m telling you – the guy is just one really generous and caring human being. And I hear he’s really into scorpions. Considering he works at a Pest Control Company in Phoenix, that kinda works out I suppose!

And how could I not be truly humbled by the fact that at the end of dinner, when things were wrapping up, Christine Gibbs paid for the entire thing! Christine is one truly blessed and giving soul.

SMX West 2011

#EpicDinner during SMX West 2011 was a turning point in the evolution of the #EpicDinner experience. We had over $3,000 in sponsorship money cover a lion’s share of the dinner bill. We had prizes for the first time. And we had 40 people show up – the most ever to attend an #EpicDinner.

And Morton’s in San Jose’, the location for this particular event, was amazing. They even set us up in their private dining room, with our own wait-staff, and get this – our own restrooms! #LOLAmazing

SES SF 2010

My paltry attempts to put on an #EpicDinner for SES San Francisco in 2010 fell flat on its face. Out of sympathy for my pathetic life, George Revutsky, Keri Morgret and Toni Carr joined me for dinner that night.

Blueglass FL 2010

OMG. #EpicDinner during BGFL was, to that point, the best #EpicDinner yet – and for this one, we had somewhere around 30 people divided up between two banquet length tables, and it was just, well, epic!

Blueglass LA 2010

#EpicDinner during BGLA was off the charts in its awesomeness. The restaurant I chose for this one was a stone’s throw from the sands of Venice Beach. We had 18 or 19 people for this one as well. And it was on my birthday so I got a bonus treat from that. Imagine the wait-staff of a restaurant, singing Happy birthday to you. In Italian.

SMX Advanced 2010

We had an “unofficial” and “impromptu” #EpicDinner during SMX Advanced 2010, that didn’t start out as one but became one organically. The restaurant was a bit far for my liking, but it was well worth the trek..

SMX West 2010

Our first ever #EpicDinner! 19 people, great food, and history in the making…  Started with Mat Siltala wanting to get together with me for dinner, Dana Lookadoo saying she wanted in, and ending up with nineteen of us!


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