EpicDinner Vegas 2015



It’s that time of year again!

#EPicDinner Vegas 2015 MAXED OUT!  Need Sponsors!

If you haven’t ever been to one of my #EpicDinner events, go check out what it’s all about!

So once again, we’ve maxed out LONG BEFORE the event.

130 people on the attendee list!  Unless we get more sponsors, we’re not able to add any more people!  Be a sponsor!

Where will it be?

That’s to be determined.

When will it be?

Tuesday October 6th during #Pubcon Vegas 2015!

How much does it cost?

Depends on how many sponsors we can get. – For every sponsor we get, the price per person comes down. If we’re fortunate enough to get enough sponsorship money, dinner would be free!  Yes free!  That’s happened the past few years!  Some dinners end up costing $2 per person (not bad for a $100 per plate dinner!)


#EpicDinner Vegas 15 SPONSORS

Growth Gauge

Authority Labs

Deep Crawl

Back Azimuth



*Photo courtesy Thomas Ballantyne

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