EpicDinner Vegas 2014


Tuesday October 7th!

During #Pubcon Vegas, of course!

Accepting Names Now

It’s time to call for sponsors for #EpicDinner Vegas 2014!  PLEASE – if you or your company can sponsor this amazing event, I and all our attendees would be truly grateful.

Since we’ve already got more than 120 on the list, we need serious sponsorship once again!


EVERY dinner has filled up long before the event, so if you want to be on the attendee list for #EpicDinner #Vegas2014 it’s time to let me know!   We’re going to limit seating for this one – so it will be wise to get your name in as soon as you can!

Just fill out the contact form here, let me know your name, and the name of any guests you want with you – FULL NAMES required!  No “Maybe six other guests”….  Either you provide names or seats will NOT be reserved for them…


This Year’s #EpicDinner Sponsors


Internet Marketing Ninjas

Authority Labs


Wissam Dandan / Growth Gauge

Back Azimuth consulting

FMB Media

Chris Boggs

Search Engine Journal







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